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Shaangu offers compressor, stand-by compressor, booster and rich gas compressor train for CCU application; rich gas compressor for delayed coking plant; recycle hydrogen compressor for hydrogenation plant; air, raw gas, synthetic gas, ammonia refrigerating compressor for synthesis ammonia plant; CO2 compressor for urea plant; compressor for LNG and natural gas transportation plant; synthetic gas compressor, CO2 compressor for methanol plant; compressor for sulfuric acid plant; blower and compressor for PA and MA; gas , cold gas and recycle gas compressor train for MEL plant; blower and compressor for sulfuric acid plant; compressor for PTA plant. We also supply integration of the above systems.

3,000,000 t/y CCU for refinery, Sinopec ( Zhenhai) Branch

3,500,000 t/y CCU for refinery, Dalian City

Double line PTA train of 600,000 t/y for Pengwei Petrochemical.




Series EV Synthesis Gas Compressor for 300,000 t/y plant, Henan Jinkai Company



Ammonia refrigerating compressor for ammonia synthesis, Henan Jinkai company



Low temperature methanol washing ammonia refrigerating compressor, Henan Jinkai Company



Synthesis gas circulating compression train running at site, Hena Shouchuang Company



Hydrogen circulating compression train



A propylene compressor for 600,000 t/y ethanoic acid plant in Chongqing Wansheng

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