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Energy conversion equipment manufacturing

Centrifugal compressor

In order to improve reliability and efficiency of the machine, Shaangu insists on development of new technique, material and process. For air separation field,Shaangu can provide centrifugal compressor (EIZ),single shaft compressor(EZ and EBZ) and multi-stage compressor (EG) according to different requirements.

With the progress of the market, Shaangu has started R&D of compressor for air separation plant since 2002. After 10 years of dedicated research, Shaangu has got a good market reference. Now we are able to manufacture and supply 20,000 to 120,000 Nm3/h air separation units.

Axial compressor

Axial compressor is a kind of machine by which mechanical energy coming from prime mover is converted into pressure energy. Denomination of axial compressor originates from basic direction of flowing mediums in the compressor. Axial compressors have two series: A and AV. A serial compressor has fixed stator blades while AV compressor has all stator blades adjustable. Currently, AV compressors are widely used. The frame size ranges from AV40 to AV140. Generally number of stages is from 2 to 19. Features of such compressor are wide operating conditions and high efficiency at each operating point, more than 90% in some case. Axial compressors are widely applied in the metallurgical, petrochemical, chemical, wind tunnel, power station and Pharmaceutical.



Blast furnace top gas energy recovery

BF top gas energy recovery power generation plant is an energy saving equipment that, by recovering the residual pressure and heat of BF top gas, converts the pressure energy and heat energy of the gas into mechanical energy through a turbo-expander to drive generator for power generation or other equipment. It is an energy saving equipment highly promoted by Chinese government. The plant instead of relief valves recovers the released energy of the original relief valves. Therefore air pollution is prevented and noise is reduced. It also brings great economic and social benefits.  



Steam turbine

  Xi’an Shaangu Steam Turbine Co., Ltd., using advanced design theory and method, is cooperating closely with institutes and universities & colleges to develop a new generation of blade profiles and thermal calculation program. Efficiency of steam turbines is increased by 2% compared with equivalent steam turbines. Reliable and optimal design guarantees the long life and safe operation of steam turbines. By using the waste heat power generation process, a low temperature waste heat recovery saturated steam technique is developed by which reliability and economic benefit of steam turbines are improved greatly. Various types of steam turbines for industrial drive, waste heat generation, pyroelectric production are provided according to requirement. Products are widely used in the fields of petro-chemical industry, power, building materials, light industry, metallurgical industry, etc.




Shaangu creatively developed blast furnace energy recovery machine train (BPRT for short). BPRT include TRT and BF blower both arranged in a same shaft line. Design of BPRT makes original power distribution system of TRT simplified, generator and its distribution system cancelled, automation control system, lube oil system and power oil system integrated.




Through university-industry collaborationShaangu has possessed his own intellectual properties in design, manufacture and engineering of high pressure centrifugal compressor with special medium. Various centrifugal compressors are designed for different mediums such as rich gas, synthesis gas, NOx, CO2,circulating gas, natural gas, Hydrogen,coal gas, pyrolysis gas and feed gas.Such compressors are very popular in coal-chemical industry as well as in air separation. We are able to supply the compressor to PTA plant.



Nitric Acid Machine Train

Nitric acid machine train is the key equipment that provides and recovers as well the dynamical power to the nitric acid production system with world advanced dully compressed process. The machine train consists of axial compressor, Nox compressor, gas expander and the steam turbine. The machine train is crucial for the long stability, reliable service and ideal output and standard of the nitric acid plant. Shaangu has already delivered, in substituting the imported ones, over 100 sets of this machine train,building 100% market share in the field of 100, 150, 270, 350 and 450 thousand T/Y nitric acid applications, through self-development and manufacture.



Air separation unit



Train Sinter blower








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